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Talent Academy

Knowledge is one of the greatest values. Especially today, with the increasing amount of information flowing around us. Our specialists have grounded knowledge supported by experience. We decided to share these values with you.

We created a CSR program, aimed at both young people seeking marketing related knowledge, and companies who due to circumstances need marketing support.

Academy founders

We are aware of our experience, and also that knowledge is the greater good.

Our experience has been appreciated by customers, who utilized our training and consulting services, and also by student groups, who invited us as speakers to many workshops and lectures.

That is why we decided to share this knowledge with you today. This is so, you, our client will be more aware of the process involved in our cooperation, so you can promote your company and be successful.

And with students, because we know that higher education only provides theoretical knowledge, whereas we will show what marketing and PR are in the real world.

We welcome you, Marta and Anna


3 April 2017How to build a brand strategy for social medial?

Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat? What methods should your brand use to communicate? Who are you speaking to and how? Learn how to build a presence in social media effectively.

15 May 2017Personal branding, who will I be when I grow up.

Find out what the process of building your image involves, what questions does the process raise, and how to be noticed by those who you depend on most. What causes that a video becomes popular? Is there a proven way to create an ideal viral? Who became the most popular in recent times, and who stopped receiving “clicks”

Are you a student or graduate in the field of marketing or PR? Do you already possess theoretical knowledge but don’t know how to utilize it? Are you looking for an internship based on training and support from specialists? The Talent Academy was created with ambitious people in mind, who are looking for the most interesting development paths. Contact us, and the next spot in our program might just be yours.

Faces of the Talent Academy


Sylwia Mańkowska

Student of Marketing and Market Communication, also CEO of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Student Club at UEK. She completed her internship in 2016. Sylwia is continuing her cooperation with us as Junior Specialist, working on campaigns related to social media and PR.


Dawid Dobroń

Student of Journalism and Social Communication. Dawid started his internship with Harmonic in 2015 as part of our Talent Academy, which he successfully completed in three months. He now continues his work as Junior PR Specialist. Dawid is developing his career path in the areas of social media na PR.


Katarzyna Kociołek

Internship at Harmonic in 2016. Graduate of University of Salford, currently continuing her education at Jagiellonian University. During her internship Katarzyna gained experience while supporting projects related to medical trade and location promotion.

We are hiring, join us!

Wa are currently looking for

Interns for creative department

Sales specialist

SEO/SEM specialist

Interns for creative department

Sales specialist

SEO/SEM specialist

Who we are looking for

Harmonic puts emphasis on development and education. We are looking for ambitious people, who want to begin their journey in marketing and PR.

Building partnerships with our clients is one of our core values.

If you value sales through partnerships and are driven by results, come join us.

Harmonic Search is looking for an employee which through his or her knowledge and experience will support the department in terms of planning and carrying out advertisment operations by use of Google tools.

Our requirements
  • Full commitment and desire to develop
  • Timely and responsible
  • Basic knowledge of marketing and PR
  • Open to new challenges and persistence in their execution
  • Availability during working hours
  • Experience in telemarketing
  • Well-mannered
  • Ability to build long term relationships with clients
  • Ability to achieve goals
  • Experience in internet marketing product sales
  • Knowledge of SEO/SEM including brand development trends
  • Practical experience in planning, leading, and optimizing SEO/SEM campaigns
  • Experience in managing campaigns using all Google AdWords tools
  • Working knowledge of Google Analytics
  • Independence and engagement in developing the department
  • Focused on results
What we offer
  • Clear internship conditions and possibility of employment thereafter
  • Original training package on PR and marketing
  • Pleasant work environment
  • Healthy dose of humor and positive energy everyday
  • Possibility of gaining experience while working on interesting projects
  • Office centrally located in Podgórze district
  • Attractive benefits programs
    - Fixed salary - stability is important
    - Sales commision - the better you are, the more you earn
  • Internal product and sales training
  • Workplace tailored to you - we understand that everyone has their own style
  • We are really great at what we do - we will gladly teach you everything
  • Internal training - so you you become even better at what you do
  • Participation in interesting projects and implementing own ideas
  • Comfortable chair, good coffee, and high work independence
  • Ability to develop your job role and chance to help create and implement new solutions in the company
  • Work in a dynamic and developing agency, that has a stable position on the market

Send your CV and cover letter to Include the job position and your full name in the subject field, or fill out the form.



It’s a superior value. It’s something we will share with you on every stage of our cooperation, during tailored training, dedicated for your job role.



You will have the chance to work with specialists who have a wide range of campaigns in their portfolios. You will gain new experience everyday, thus growing your competence.



You will work on campaigns close to known, international brands. You will be part of a team that is recognized and appreciated thanks to its completed projects.

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