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The life, world and space of business brings an unlimited number of choices.

There are uncountable amounts of styles, cultures, habits, rules and principles. Our business model has always been harmonious.

We believed that work order, closeness with our clients, and unity within the company are keys to success. We weren’t wrong.

The foundation of our company are comprehensive marketing services. It wouldn’t be possible without our clients. It’s their success that creates Harmonic.

We believe in choice. That is why we put emphasis on qualities which give our clients stability in their development, universal worldwide quality, and honest business relations.

How we work:

Quality of work defines our good customer relations. It is our customers that show us, what we have been doing is right. For us, everyone has their own personality, every project has its own path. Only the pillars which are quality and relations remain unchanged.

Marta Hycnar and Anna Ganew

From the beginning of our cooperation we have been searching, for that what is outstanding and unique in our customer’s products. We search for new solutions, but also proven and effective ones. We are constantly learning and growing our business.

It has been seven years since we started our undertaking. Since then we have evolved into a thriving company that knows everything about marketing and building an image. That is why we educate young and ambitious people from our industry as part of our Talent Academy.

Our company is the way that our clients imagined they’d like it. They have always been our biggest inspiration. Our clients motivate us to take on new challenges and cause Harmonic to be the biggest challenge in the future, yours and ours. Common road to success.


Vision and team

We believe that the highest quality of work changes the business. Ours and yours. This change is what motivates us. It causes not only relations within the company, but also those that unites Harmonic’s world with our clients, to be strong and filled with respect.

Based on that we created a vision that accompanies us every day. It’s a vision in which our team, through effective marketing, helps our client’s grow their companies, exceeding their expectations.


Marta Hycnar

General Director

Marta is a high-class manager, who drives constant change within the company and who constantly strives for development
Her energy gives character to Harmonic, making it a unique company on the market.
Co-found and co-owner of the company. Business trainer and excellent instructor.
Marta values professionalism and lasting business relationships which she builds thanks to her competencies and natural business instincts.
Inspirator. Her optimism is infectious. She adores honest and radiating smiles.


Anna Ganew

Creative Director

Anna is a valued specialist when it comes to marketing, strategy, managing and PR.
Media expert and born to do PR. Company co-founder.
She stands behind all of Harmonic’s successful productions, as it is she who manages the entire implementation team.
Strong, precise, creative and well organized.
Her recipe for an effective campaign is honest analysis, thought through strategy, and effective execution. She appreciates, independence, spontaneity and most importantly honesty.


Magdalena Kuśka

Managing Director

Magdalena is a certified manager who knows perfectly well, that behind a company’s success is efficient management, which gives the company a level of professionalism.
She is valued for her effectiveness, which she achieves by combining strength, diligence and elegance.
Magdalena makes sure that business processes run smoothly. She oversees financial, legal and sales issues.
She loves building warm relations with people and focuses on trust and bravery in one's actions.


Tomasz Zagól

Project Coordinator

Tomasz develops plans and strategies, which he later effectively coordinates. He always searches for the best solution that will fulfill the client’s needs. For years he has cooperated with many agencies, and was a client of the most respected ones. He chose to changes sides and join Harmonic, so he really knows everything about customer relations.
He has worked with people and for people for 15 years, and has come to value intelligence, good sense of humor and positive energy the most.

Our references and publications

Leila Isainowa - Klimasińska Browar Lubicz

The specialists from Harmonic demonstrated great commitment and support, even in matters beyond the scope of our agreement. That proves their professional approach and quality of service of the highest level.

Agnieszka Wiąk Eurial sp. z o.o.

The company brings together creative people that are very energetic. Cooperating with them is both fruitful and fascinating. They have a knack for understanding what a customer needs and they do a great job of finding means to satisfy those needs.

Bartłomiej Sikorski Winning Moves co Ltd

Great team of people whom it is a pleasure to work with on every stage of planning and executing a project. They exhibited experience and great knowledge of the market and business environment.

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